Strangest. Voicemail. Ever.

If you go to the “About Us” section of this site, you can find my cell phone number. Some people think I am crazy to publish my actual phone number, but over the years I have gotten very few bizarre calls. Today, however, I got the strangest voicemail ever from a woman who lives in Cincinnati. Despite her near-hysteria, it made me laugh. Here it is:


I infer that this lady may have visited our “About Us” section on at least one occasion, and inadvertently–maybe through a keyboard shortcut?–made it her home page. The alternative is that someone else, perhaps a Power Line fan, got access to her computer and set PL’s “About Us” as her home page. Although I have no idea who this woman is, I do intend to call her back and explain how she can solve her problem. I can assure our readers, in the meantime, that this site is not programmed to seize control of their computers!

UPDATE: The problem is apparently more complicated than I thought. Joe Malchow, our publisher and technical guru, tells me:

Someone created malware to control people’s computers, and is trying to make money off it by copying Power Line, renaming it Newsfudge, and forcing people to go there.

I am not sure how computers get infected with this malware or how it works, but these folks–Russians, as I understand it from Joe–randomly stole the contents of our site. We will try to find a solution for this lady in Cincinnati, and anyone else who may have been victimized!

JOE wonders: what world order is John Hinderaker connected with?


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