Barack Obama, Attack Dog

Barack Obama is running the most relentlessly negative campaign in history. So it provoked hollow chuckles when David Axelrod said on CBS’s “This Morning” show: “I would point out that much of our advertising has been positive. We’ve been from the very beginning of this campaign.” The Romney campaign put together this graphic to show how false Axelrod’s statement was. In fact, 97% of the Obama campaign’s advertising consists of attacks on Mitt Romney:

So this is what “hope and change” came to in the end. There is no mystery, of course, as to why Obama’s campaign is almost entirely negative. He can’t talk about his record in office, because his record is terrible. Smearing Romney is the only course he has left. Looking at the big picture, I continue to believe that a president who can’t talk about his record also can’t be re-elected.


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