For the Moment, At Least, the Momentum Is Romney’s

The Romney campaign continues to pound away at President Obama’s the-government-did-it-all philosophy, to increasing effect. Today Romney launched a new web called Built By Us. The site allows small business owners to tell their stories and upload videos. They can also download this sign:

This video is on the site’s front page:

The press has tried to run interference for Obama on this story, but without much success, as more and more Americans see the video of Obama’s speech and decide for themselves what he meant, and whether his arrogant remarks have been taken out of context. One consequence of Obama’s moment of honesty is that business owners are now among his harshest critics, along with farmers and fishermen; Gallup finds that 35% of business owners approve of his performance, while 59% disapprove.

Among the electorate as a whole, Romney is at least holding his own, even though he is being vastly outspent by a barrage of negative advertising. Today’s Rasmussen Survey finds Romney leading the president 48% to 44%, while, not coincidentally, long-term optimism about the economy has fallen to a new low.

We have a long way to go to November, but at the moment, Romney must be happy with the progress of the campaign.