Outsourcing the Truth

No one holds presidential campaigns to high standards of veracity and fairness, but Barack Obama’s attacks on Bain Capital have been dishonest beyond any normal expectation. Obama accuses Mitt Romney of “outsourcing”–Obama still has no idea what the word means–based on the fact that Company X, in which Bain Capital Fund Y was an investor, opened, say, a call center in India.

So let’s count the ways: 1) There is nothing wrong with Company X opening a call center in India. Virtually every substantial American company has overseas operations of various kinds. 2) There is no evidence–zero–that Mitt Romney had anything to do with Fund Y, since we are talking about events that occurred after Romney left Bain in 1999. None of the documents produced by Fund Y that identify investment professionals or other managers list Romney, since he had no role in Fund Y. 3) The umbrella company, Bain Capital, made no decisions with respect to Company X. And, in any event, there is zero evidence that Romney had any management role even in the umbrella company, and everyone who worked at Bain says that he did not.

So is Barack Obama the most egregious liar in the history of presidential campaigns, or what? Michael Ramirez says that Obama is outsourcing the truth, to a place where no one will find it. Seems apt:


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