The Weekly Winston: Special Relationship Edition

In light of the salience of the “special relationship” that Obama has no use for, it is fitting for the Power Line Weekly Winston to recall some of his thoughts on the matter.  To be sure, about America Churchill did once say “toilet paper too thin, newspapers too fat!,” but we’ve solved that problem.  (Has anyone noticed, for example, how thin the Los Angeles Times is these days?)

So here’s one of many comments that might be sent to Obama to ponder, offered by WSC in January 1941:

It is no exaggeration to say that the future of the whole world and the hopes of a broadening civilization founded upon Christian ethics depend upon the relation between the British Empire or Commonwealth and the USA.  The identity of purpose and persistence of resolve prevailing throughout the English-speaking world will, more than any other single fact, determine the way of life which will be open to the generations and perhaps to the centuries which follow our own.


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