An Omen for November, or Just Karma?

I think it was the 1984 American Political Science Association (APSA) annual convention (Woodstock for political science geeks, one of whom I am which) where a straw poll found that of the attending academic political scientists, over 90 percent were going to vote for Walter Mondale. Most of the remaining 10 percent were going to vote for someone further left; Reagan was only drawing about 2 percent.

This comes to mind in regard to the lefties chortling last week that Hurricane Isaac might blow through Tampa and disrupt or even cancel the GOP convention.  But as it happened, Isaac took a left turn (so to speak) and has hit New Orleans where it has resulted in the cancellation of . . . the annual APSA convention.  (Glad I declined an invitation to be on a panel at this year’s APSA; otherwise I’d be holding down Power Line’s weather bureau right now.)  Wonder what liberals think of the intelligent design of Isaac now.  And is it an omen for November?  All I can say is: heh.

Of course, we don’t really need a straw poll at the APSA to know how academic political scientists are going to vote, as we see from this Chronicle of Higher Education story.


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