Biden unchained

Tuesday was a big day for Joe Biden, what with his warning that the GOP stood to put “y’all” in his Danville, Virginia, audience “back in chains.” As I recall, Biden’s Democratic forebears ranged from those who professed not to care whether slavery was extended to the territories to those who believed it was a positive good. Students of history may observe a certain continuity between antebellum Democrats and Joe Biden’s party of unlimited government. As for us, we stand with the Great Emancipator, but never mind.

Let it be noted that during his “chains” oration in Danville, Virginia, Clueless Joe proclaimed that “with you. and I mean this, with you we can win North Carolin again, and if we do, we win the election, if we win you.” You have to love “and I mean this.” It’s the perfect touch to a disgusting performance. Even if he’s a little unclear where he is, the guy oozes sincerity.

Comment of the day: Rudy Giuliani.


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