“I Want To Be A Crony!”

There once was a time when American children dreamed big. They wanted to build things, create things, achieve things, cure things. Do such ambitions make sense anymore? In today’s America, aren’t our children learning how much better it is to be a tax spender than a taxpayer? Cynical people have always said that connections are more important than talent and hard work, but until now, it wasn’t true. Now, in the Age of Obama? It has become a hard proposition to deny.

Crony Chronicles is a good web site that fights cronyism. If you are not familiar with it, you should check it out. This video was produced for Crony Chronicles; I am happy to say that Justin Folk, winner of last year’s Power Line Prize, had a hand in it. The video is titled, “I Want To Be A Crony.” It packs a punch; feel free to send it to your friends!