Romney Goes For the Hispanic Vote

Mitt Romney has opened up a huge lead over Barack Obama among white voters. So far, that hasn’t happened with Hispanic voters, but it should. Like African-Americans, they have borne the brunt of the disastrous Obama economy. (There are very few Hispanic lobbyists, “green energy” moguls, etc.) Unlike African-Americans, they have no particular reason to be loyal to Barack Obama. Romney’s appeal is simple: President Obama has been a failure. If you want a better economy, give me a shot. This Spanish-language video is titled “Ya No Podemos Mas!” which I believe means “I Cannot Anymore.” You don’t need to speak Spanish to follow the video’s hard-hitting theme:

Romney’s “I approved this message” tag line sounds pretty good to my uncritical ear. Watch for lots more similar Spanish-language pitches in the weeks to come.


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