Chaos at the State Department (UPDATE)

Fox News has just reported that the US is withdrawing (supposedly temporarily) all its personnel from the US embassy in Tripoli, Libya.  What–did they get advance word of a YouTube sequel to The Innocence of Muslims?  Are they worried of another imminent “spontaneous” protest with marchers who carry mortars with them?

More likely the Clousseaus of Foggy Bottom have figured out they have serious security breach problems in Libya and perhaps elsewhere.

Now here’s a mischievous question for the class: which candidate would Al Qaida like to see win our election?  Not so fast with your answer: sure, a congenitially weak Obama makes the most sense on the surface, but this is the Arab Middle East we’re talking about.  The radical Islamists might well prefer the candidate thought to be more likely to be “tough” on Arab nations and therefore more easy to direct a radical propaganda offensive against.  Or, if you’re really into deep dish weirdness, perhaps the jihadists have correctly calculated that rising foreign tensions right before an election would actually help Obama in the short run (which is what counts in election season), which is possibly correct.  But no matter which scenario you might like, nothing excuses the failure of Obama foreign policy.