Has Obama Lost His Mojo With the Young?

An hour or so ago my youngest daughter received this tweet from a fellow 10th-grader:

Of course, we can’t fully approve of the language, but doesn’t it warm your heart? Toto, we aren’t in 2008 anymore!

Of course this tweet is only one data point, but, to paraphrase John Lennon, it’s not the only one. Young people–not all, but those who are able to reason–have figured out that for them, more than anyone except possibly African-Americans, Obama has been a disaster.

So how has the Obama campaign responded? By trying to appeal to an older demographic: biker girls. That is Joe Biden, in case you don’t recognize him behind the leer:

Apparently Biden got out alive, although you might not expect it from the way the male bikers are looking at him. He has Secret Service protection, fortunately.