Final Debate Postscript

I tried something new this time: I watched sports on television while following the presidential debate on PL Live. It was fun, and much easier on my nerves. Plus, my wife watched the debate and kept me posted, and I caught a few minutes here and there.

So what’s the bottom line? Our people were generally pleased; the ones who weren’t wanted Romney to be more aggressive. That’s a good sign. My impression, during the time I watched, was that Romney was thinking about America, and Obama was thinking about losing the election. Obama had obviously been coached to be “strong” and “tough,” and he came off looking like Joe Biden on meds. I think pretty much everyone perceived Romney as the more presidential of the two candidates.

So: Obama needed something big to break Romney’s momentum, and he clearly didn’t get it. On the contrary, no matter what the instant spin might be tonight, over the coming days the overriding impression from tonight’s debate will of a flailing, desperate Obama. A losing Obama.


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