Greetings From Hanover

We are wrapping up an enjoyable trip to the East Coast, starting on Wednesday when we flew to New York for PJ Media’s Duranty Prize dinner, which I reported on here. We stayed at the Union League Club, a fine old institution. I took this photo of my youngest daughter in the club’s Lincoln Room, which features portraits of all the presidents. Well, not quite all the presidents: just the Republicans, from Lincoln through Bush II, plus George Washington:

On Thursday we took the Dartmouth Coach from New York to Hanover, an easy (if drowsy) five-hour ride. I was at Dartmouth for a semi-annual meeting of the Board of Visitors of the Nelson Rockefeller Center for the Study of Public Policy, one of many excellent reasons to attend Dartmouth. We heard from a number of students, who were outstanding. And we had lunch with Scott’s youngest, now a sophomore, who is also outstanding. Yesterday afternoon’s football game didn’t turn out so well, however; Dartmouth lost to Sacred Heart, a school we didn’t play back in the day and which, frankly, I hadn’t heard of. Oh well. At least we beat Yale.

It is unseasonably cold in Hanover, and there was frost on the Green yesterday morning:

Walking around the campus, I was struck by the lack of evidence that an election season is in progress. We did see this Romney-Ryan sign in a dorm window:

It is good to know that students think they can support a Republican without risking excessive retaliation. We haven’t seen a single sign, or anything else, for Obama, which tends to confirm my impression that the thrill is gone.

Today we will hang around the library for a while and then catch the Coach back to Logan Airport for the trip home. It is always great to spend a few days in Hanover.