Obama’s $5 Trillion Lie, the Ad

Democrats reportedly are excited about David Axelrod assuming responsibility for preparing Barack Obama for his next debate with Mitt Romney. Yeah, that’s the ticket! With John Kerry now under the bus, the Democrats are concentrating on calling Romney a “liar”–that, supposedly, is how he made Obama look so foolish.

One of several problems with this strategy is that the Democrats can’t cite any actual lies. (In lefty lexicon, a “liar” is someone who disagrees with the party line.) Obama’s favorite example of a Romney “lie” is Mitt’s denial that his tax plan includes a $5 trillion cut. But here it is Obama, not Romney, who is making things up. He simply ignores the second half of Romney’s proposal, which involves limiting or eliminating deductions so that the tax base is broader, while marginal rates are lower. Somehow, this seems to be a concept that Democrats find hard to grasp.

So the Romney campaign has responded to Obama’s serial misrepresentations with this ad, “$5 Trillion.” Note that it features Obama’s hapless deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, who admitted on television, as we noted a few days ago, that Obama’s $5 trillion claim is false: