Romney Takes Swing State Lead

Rasmussen Reports tracks likely voter preference in 11 swing states, alongside its national poll. The 11 states are Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. In recent weeks, President Obama has fared better in the swing state survey than the national poll, leading by six points as recently as October 4.

The swing state poll is a seven-day rolling survey, so it does not yet fully reflect the effects of Romney’s big win in the debate last week. But even so, the results are stunning: Romney has now taken a two-point lead, 49% to 47%. Some of the other findings are even more positive; Rasmussen reports that “Forty-six percent (46%) of these Swing State voters are now “certain” they will vote for Romney and will not change their minds. Forty percent (40%) are certain they will vote for the president.

It wouldn’t be right to say that the Democrats are going into panic mode, and, in fact, what strikes me as remarkable about the polls is that Obama doesn’t do worse. But when the best the president can do on the stump is talk about Big Bird, you can tell he is getting desperately low on ammunition. Meanwhile, the Democrats’ emails to their faithful are sounding increasingly hysterical. This one came in this morning:

John —

I won’t mince words: If we’re going to win this thing, we need everyone to double-down on their efforts.

The Republicans and their Super PACs are flooding the airwaves with false and misleading ads in swing states across the country. If we sit idly by while President Obama and Democrats nationwide are under attack, then we’ll lose.

This election is too close — and too important — for anyone to sit on the sidelines.

Will you donate $3 or whatever you can before tomorrow’s ad-buy deadline to help us fight back against Republican attacks?

The next 4 weeks will decide the outcome of this election.

If we win, it will be because of what you did at moments like this. I hope you’ll join us.

Chip in $3 right now:


Kelly Ward
DCCC Political Director

I sincerely hope it’s true that Republicans and their SuperPACs are flooding the airwaves, but here in a non-swing state, we don’t see any evidence of it.


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