Support Josh Mandel for the Senate

One of this year’s most important races pits Sherrod Brown, the far-left senator from Ohio, against Power Line Pick Six candidate Josh Mandel. Brown started out with a substantial lead, but Josh, currently Ohio’s Treasurer, has gained steadily and the race is now considered a dead heat. The Left is sending millions of dollars to Ohio to smear Josh and try to keep Brown in the Senate. Recently I caught up with Josh on the phone, and we recorded this interview:

This is one of Josh’s current ads:

Josh wrote yesterday:

New polling out from Rasmussen continues to have us in a dead heat, 46-47.

Our race is going to come down to the wire and we can tell that Harry Reid and Sherrod Brown’s other DC cronies are very worried.

We just found out that Harry Reid’s SuperPAC and his Democratic Senate Campaign Committee are adding millions to their barrage of false and negative attacks.

Why? Because they’re seeing the same polling we’re seeing. They understand that Sherrod Brown is on the verge of losing his seat and losing the Democrats their Senate majority.

I need your help to fight back against the avalanche of attacks coming at me this week.

If we can sustain through this mid-October all-out assault, we’re going to be positioned well to win this race and become the 51st vote to repeal Obamacare and balance the federal budget.

Just 35 years old, Josh Mandel promises to be one of America’s leading conservatives for a long time. Please go here to support his campaign!


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