Don’t know much about history

It has been striking to me how little Barack Obama knows about history in general and American history in particular. I tried to demonstrate one small facet of his ignorance in the Weekly Standard column The Kennedy-Khruschev conference for dummies.” It was a small example that I thought proved a larger point. I wrote about another, less forgivable example of Obama’s ignorance in “Obama veers into the Daily Ditch.” This example showed Obama “learning” from Andrew Sullivan. What a crew.

Now comes Brian Domitrovic to cite a few more examples in his Forbes column “Obama’s historical illiteracy marches on.” One or two of Domitrovic’s examples may well involve Obama or a knowledgeable speechwriter exploiting the ignorance of Obama’s intended audience, but my guess is that Obama’s ignorance is perfectly representative of the crowd around him (even if his arrogance is in a class of its own).