Fiscal Cliff: Done Deal, or Battlespace Preparation?

My very sagacious and tech-savvy friend Anne Marie Fowler (venture capitalist, entrepreneur, innovation maven, etc) has an interesting conjecture up on her FaceBook feed this morning:

If the President is taking his fiscal cliff case “to the people” this strongly suggests to me that the deal has already been substantially if not entirely made. If it wasn’t he wouldn’t be doing this. I’m not saying this in compliment or complaint, nor would I speak differently if someone else was President – it just is what it is. An after the fact action. This is how it works. It suggests to me that everything that follows will be pure magical theater. Ratings generated. Enjoy.

Combine this with the dispatch of Seal Team Six to neutralize Grover Norquist, and she might well be right.

The alternative hypothesis, equally plausible in my mind, is that Obama has decided to continue doing the only thing he’s good at, which is campaigning.  That, and the fact that he probably believes his own Kool Aid recipe that his first-term difficulties stemmed from “not communicating” enough “stories” to the American people.  Good luck with that.


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