Dance Champs 2013

This post has nothing to do with current affairs, so feel free to skip it.

My youngest daughter, a high school sophomore, competed this weekend in the Minnesota state high school dance tournament at the Target Center in Minneapolis. The public high school that my kids have all attended is a dance powerhouse, and Minnesota is–who knew?–a hotbed of competitive dance. There are two categories, jazz and kick, and my daughter competed on her high school’s kick team in the tournament. Where, happily, they won the state championship for the third year in a row.

The tournament was quite an event, with teams from all over the state and thousands of fans for each session at the Target Center. This is my daughter’s team’s winning performance in the kick finals, which incorporated a number of unique elements. This video was shot from the top of the stands, and gives a good overall perspective on the dance, as well as the enthusiastic crowd, especially viewed in fullscreen:

The dance team stayed at the Graves 601 Hotel, right across the street from the Target Center, and my wife and I stayed there Friday night, too. The hotel is owned by Jim Graves, a rich liberal who ran against Michele Bachmann in November and lost, rather narrowly. That didn’t stop us from contributing a little to Graves’s coffers in the hotel’s Cosmos bar, along with a number of other dance team parents, Friday night.

As to where my daughter got her athletic talent, there is no mystery: I was well known, in my youth, as a dancing fool.


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