Hitler Learns About Power Line’s Pop-Up Ads

Up to now Power Line has been supported wholly by ads, and has eschewed any kind of paywall or subscription fee.  We don’t fully control the ad rotation—that’s why I kept getting Alan Grayson ads before the last election on my screen, which I found rather amusing actually.  Clearly Grayson’s campaign didn’t use Obama’s data mining wizards to target his media.

But in any case, internet ads—especially the pop-up kind—are the online equivalent of the loose magazine subscription cards that fall out in your lap or the coupon circulars in the Sunday papers: a necessary nuisance of doing business.  (Thank God Alan Grayson didn’t have pop-up ads at least; that could have ruined many meals.  Talk about politics as show business for ugly people!)

In our ongoing efforts to think up new ways to expand Power Line further and offer more content (new things coming soon!), we float ideas and experiment from time to time.  It’s amazing how many people read Power Line in the middle of the night (perhaps our overseas readers?), because we heard from a lot of you when we experimented briefly in the middle of the night a few days ago with a survey widget, which is one of the new things being tried on websites.  It’s quite obtrusive, asking you to answer a question before getting access to an article.

Anyway, our chief critic caught up with the scheme at a recent Power Line editorial board meeting, as you’ll see here.  (And somehow I can’t seem to get the pop-up to turn off inside of YouTube.  So the joke is really on us now.)

JOHN adds: Don’t worry, we don’t have any intention of implementing the survey. But the video–Steve gets all the credit–is hilarious, in my opinion.


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