The NRA Expands Its Reach With New Spokesmen

Guys like Wayne LaPierre have done a terrific job for the NRA, but the organization knows that with gun rights under fire to a greater extent than we have seen in recent years, it needs to reach out to the broadest possible constituencies. So NRA News has recruited several effective new spokesmen to carry the pro-self defense, pro-individual choice, pro-gun message.

One of the NRA’s new spokesmen is former Navy SEAL Dom Raso:

His perspective on firearms will make sense to many millions of Americans. So will Natalie Foster’s. Natalie says that our culture is all about women having control over their bodies. So why can’t they choose how they want to defend their bodies? Choice is inconvenient, apparently, for the Democratic Party:

And, finally, Colion Noir, whom we profied here:

I think these videos are a good introduction to firearms for millions of Americans who are generally aware of the gun rights debate, but don’t know much about it. Feel free to forward them to your friends and relatives, and keep an eye on NRA News. Among other virtues, NRA News has been known to have me on as a radio guest!