Want a Credible Voice on Firearms? Listen to Dom Raso

We have had fun at the expense of liberals who pontificate about firearms, and even propose gun control legislation, when they have no idea how guns work. In a word, they have no credibility. But on the issue of self-defense, there are plenty of credible voices, and here is one of them: Dom Raso, a 12-year Navy SEAL who is the latest NRA News spokesman. His video is titled “Power Breeds Arrogance.” I think you will find Raso highly credible; he knows what he is talking about, and, unlike a liberal politician, he is not trying to aggrandize his own power at your expense. He tells it like it is:

And, speaking of credibility: why does the NRA have so much influence? Liberals always attribute it to the fact that the NRA makes political contributions. I have seen this in many emails from the Democratic Party, and the New York Times featured this claim a few days ago. It is natural that liberals think this way, because money is the only thing they think they understand. But in fact, the NRA’s political contributions are trivial. The NRA is influential because it speaks for millions of American gun owners, and it has credibility with gun owners mostly because for decades, it has done more than anyone else to promote firearms safety. The NRA has saved more lives than Barack Obama can even imagine. That gives the organization credibility, the old-fashioned way: it has earned it.


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