Advancing the IRS story

My daughter Eliana has a carefully reported piece at NRO on the IRS scandal that was posted late yesterday afternoon. The piece is titled “Oversight from Washington, all along.” I hesitate to highlight or praise the work of my own daughter, but Hugh Hewitt is under no such inhibition.

Hugh praises the work of Eliana as well as that of his Townhall colleague Carol Platt Liebau as “The real reporting on the IRS.” (Carol’s most recent column is “Taking the Fifth.”) Hugh brings the eye of an educated observer to his assessment:

The IRS story is huge. It is far greater than Tea Party activists, and embraces many, many religious groups and who knows who else. The attempt to muffle the sound of a crash is under Liebau’s microscope as she traces who knew what when and who planted which questions, even as she painstakingly compares testimony of hearing one with hearing two. Johnson is working through the org chart, looking for names and GS levels, dialing up lawyers in the agency whose address has never been near the Buckeye State but who are knee deep in the muck.

Please check these pieces out.


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