My New Gun: A Report from the Range

I wrote here about buying a new handgun, a SIG Sauer P938. The P938 is a 9 mm. pocket pistol, suitable for carrying. I got the Nightmare version:

I was traveling on business last weekend, so today was my first opportunity to take my new gun to the range. My son and I shot for an hour this morning; we took all five of our pistols, but focused mainly on the new P938. We used Blazer 115-grain ammunition.

So how did the P938 perform? Beautifully. We put around 150 rounds through it without any issues. My friend who owns a gun shop near the Twin Cities and who sold me the gun told me that it is very accurate. Of course, by far the largest variable in the accuracy of any firearm is the shooter. That said, we did find the P938 to be exceptionally accurate for a gun with a 3″ barrel. I took this picture of one of my better groups:

Actually, it was by far my best group, shot at 19 feet. It was almost perfect, until I choked on my last shot, which you can see low and to the left.

So we had a great time as usual. I also bought a holster, in this style, so I am ready to begin carrying.


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