Back in the Saddle [Updated]

As you may have noticed, I haven’t written anything for several days. This is because my daughter Laura, whose engagement I noted here, got married yesterday. It was a very fun event which included, for us, a houseful of relatives. On Saturday my son and I took a group to the shooting range that included two of my brothers, several nephews and one girlfriend. The wedding went smoothly; Laura looked sensational. Here she and her husband are exiting the church. Bystanders are blowing bubbles; on the left is my wife, then the three bridesmaids. The two on the right are my younger daughters:

One of the highlights for me was that Scott, Paul and Joe Malchow attended. Steve couldn’t come on account of his own family commitments, but he admirably held down the fort while the rest of us were partying. We planned a Power Line editorial board meeting, but didn’t make any decisions of substance. Here we are at the reception:

After dinner, we had dancing, kicked off by the traditional father-daughter dance. This photo apparently was snapped just after I said something very funny. I wish I could remember what it was, as my kids don’t generally find me this entertaining. Or maybe it was my dancing skills that made Laura laugh:

It was a wonderful day, but now everyone has gone home. Commentary will resume once I have had a chance to catch up on the news.

UPDATE: Just for fun, here is one more. Laura is in the middle, of course, with my youngest, Kathryn, on the right, and, if I am not mistaken, one of the Benner twins on the left. All of these photos were taken by my nephew Andrew, who is a free-lance photographer, a Brooklyn hipster, and a great guy. He shot the political conventions for Time last year and is, in my opinion, a remarkably talented photographer:


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