Out at third

Our Minnesota Twins are a bad team mired in a miserable season, but rookie center fielder Aaron Hicks put on a tutorial for Carly Rae Jepsen in the first game of the three-game series that the Twins played against the Yankees in New York just before the All-Star break. On Friday night, Hicks made an incredibly athletic throw from deep center field to nail Vernon Wells at third base on what turned out to be a double that Wells reasonably thought he could stretch into a triple.

It was raining in the Bronx, so the field and the ball were wet when Hicks chased down the ball as it caromed off the wall. As one commenter explained: “Hicks was standing — rough guess — on the Cross Bronx Expressway when he picked up the ball.”

After the game Hicks explained to the Star Tribune that he was just trying to hit the cutoff man, but the wet ball slipped out of his hand. Overthrowing the cutoff man, Hicks threw the ball some 300 feet on the fly from deep center to third. The Twins lost the game 2-0, but improbably picked up the second and third games of the series.

In all fairness, I should add that Jepsen could probably give Hicks a tutorial on batting.


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