Power Line @ The Reagan Library

So I’ve been at the Reagan Library all week, doing an intensive course on Reagan for about 30 high school history and government teachers for the Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History.  That’s the main reason posts have been scarce: we’re in the seminar room much of the day.  Did I mention my voice is a bit hoarse?

The teachers, selected from a large pile of applications, were superb (even the liberals)–most of them teaching in AP programs.  And to my surprise and delight, about a quarter of them came up to me at various times during breaks and meals to say that . . . that are loyal Power Line readers!  So I gathered a few of them this morning for the photo below underneath Air Force One, which is the centerpiece of the Reagan Library.  I don’t have everyone’s name for this photo, but it includes Eric Johnson from Farmingdale, New Jersey; Katy Rees from Winchester, MA; E.J. Gorman from Bay Village, Ohio; Jarred Stewart from Richardson, TX; and Kerry Trainor from New York City.  (Kerry’s actually a liberal, but a very smart one who is going to start reading Power Line, which means it’s all over for him.)  Sorry I don’t have everyone else’s name down right for the pic; feel free to post up in the comment thread below.  Meanwhile, stay tuned for the Week in Pictures tomorrow. It will go up a little late in all likelihood.  I’m supposed to run a six mile race on the beach early in the morning.

JOHN adds: A six mile race? Good God, take it easy! We need you. My youngest is running a race tomorrow, but she is in superb condition and considerably younger than we are…


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