Cleta Mitchell: The IRS scandals, part 4

In the fourth of the four videos on the IRS scandals that I shot with Cleta Mitchell last week on the just concluded NR cruise we touch on the question of responsibility. Previous videos in this series are posted here (part 1), here (part 2) and here (part 3).

You can go a long way in assessing responsibility through the application of common sense to the facts revealed to date. The Obama White House first asserted that the scandal (singular) was the responsibility of low-level Cincinnati employees. This assertion was akin to the Nixon White House’s initial assertion that the Watergate scandal was a third-rate burglary. Obama’s current position asserting the IRS scandal to be a “phony” concoction of his political enemies is not only false and Nixonian, it also demonstrates his complicity in the wrongdoing.

I reiterate that Cleta is the prominent Washington attorney who represents several clients victimized by the criminal misconduct of the IRS over the past four years. Please listen closely to what she has to say. She knows what she is talking about.