Have it their way

Where did the fast-food protests around the country come from? In case you missed them, they are taking place at various franchisees of Burger King, Domino’s, McDonald’s and Wendy’s near you in cities including Chicago, Detroit, Flint, Kansas City, Milwaukee, New York, and St. Louis. So report CBS News and the Los Angeles Times, among many others.

The protesters seek to prevent franchisees from hiring entry level employees without marketable skills at less than $15.00 an hour. Why they are so miserly is beyond me. Who can live on $15.00 an hour nowadays? Let’s make it $150.00, or $1500.00.

If you guessed a union is sponsoring the protests, you would be correct. Raising the wages of fast-food workers to $15.00 an hour would be great for a cartel like the SEIU, which is the union in issue, but not so great for anyone who actually needs an entry level job. Entry level nonunion jobs would become a helluva lot scarcer if the SEIU had its way. Indeed, if the SEIU had its way, such jobs wouldn’t exist.