The Week in Pictures: Crunch Time Edition

So, yeah, I was moving most of this week, to begin my ten months as an inmate visiting professor at the University of Colorado/Boulder, teaching in the political science department and otherwise raising hell.  Boulder reminds me more than a bit of Berkeley (big surprise); here the official ideology, to paraphrase Orwell’s Animal Farm, seems to be “two wheels good, four wheels bad.”  I’ve even started riding my bike around!

I can’t help feeling maybe I’ve wandered into The Matrix as re-imagined by the makers of South Park.  Yes, it is something of a crunchy liberal utopia, but then I notice that everyone has a lock for his bike, and there doesn’t seem to be a market here for the bike-sharing kiosks that are now common throughout Washington DC.  Also, the campus strongly urged everyone to register his bike–a prelude to bike control?  In any case, I think I’ll make up a sticker: “Register bikes, not guns,” and watch hilarity ensue.  More to be made of this observation in due course.  But I will develop a new “crunchometer” for Power Line.

Yup, that's about what this week looked like.

Is there really someone in Boulder who isn't "environmentally aware"?

We'll just see about this.

This is why it's going to be easy.

I want one. Make it two.

An old 80s reference. . .

This is not the robe you're looking for. . .

This just seems wrong.

And finally. . .


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