Paging Dr. Carson

I believe it was the Daily Caller’s Jeff Poor who was the first to report that Dr. Ben Carson had been the subject of a close “encounter” with the IRS following his spectacular speech denouncing Obamacare in the presence of Obama himself at the National Prayer Breakfast. (I wrote about Dr. Carson’s National Prayer breakfast speech here.) Well, what was the nature of that “encounter”?

The Washington Times followed up with a report that the “encounter” was an audit. Dr. Carson was targeted for an IRS audit, for the first time, four months after his National Prayer Breakfast speech. He discussed his experience on the O’Reilly Factor last night. The New York Post editorializes on the subject here today.

Insert the Reynolds refrain here: “REMINDER: In 2009, President Obama ‘joked’ about having the IRS audit his enemies.”


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