Arab Media Do Another Job American Media Won’t

Sabin Cover copyI’m currently reading Paul Sabin’s new book The Bet: Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon, and Our Gamble Over Earth’s Future, just out from Yale University Press.  It was a genius idea to write a book about this epic clash between the neo-Malthusianism at the core of modern environmentalism and one of its most persistent and profound critics, the late Julian Simon.  Simon won that famous bet with Ehrlich, of course, and Ehrlich has been sore about it ever since.

One thing that Sabin reminds us about in the book is that Ehrlich had a partner on his side of the bet: John Holdren, who is currently science adviser to President Obama.  Holdren is perhaps more radical than Ehrlich, and, like Ehrlich, has often embraced coercive measures such as mandatory birth control, or even chemical additives to involuntarily sterilize the population.

American news media couldn’t be bothered to report on or question this aspect of Holdren when Obama picked him to be in the White House, but the good people at MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) note a recent broadcast where an Arab commentator notes Holdren’s radicalism.  Too bad it’s wrapped up in the usual Middle Eastern paranoia about the West.  Here’s the transcript:

Munir Akash: In 1974, Henry Kissinger proposed a plan to President Ford… It was in the days of the Cold War, and they were fixated on the annihilation of Communism. They said: We can’t annihilate Communism, but we can annihilate the Communists. How? The more people there are in the world, the more Communists there are. So let us tackle the roots of the problem – if we kill the poor, there will be no Communists. This was the logic behind Kissinger’s plan of sterilizing the women of 13 countries in the world, including Egypt and Turkey.

Interviewer: This is a very important piece of information. Let’s concentrate. Was it really stated in Kissinger’s document that it could only be classified by the White House?

Munir Akash: Too bad you don’t show the picture. It appears on the first page.

Interviewer: Thirteen World Countries, including Egypt… I saw that you wrote in your notes: “I hope that patriotic people in Egypt will start an investigation into the agreements signed by the [Mubarak] regime with USAID, with regard to this agency’s sterilization policies, under the guise of glossy slogans, such as ‘family planning’.” Please explain this sterilization to our viewers. They sterilize a woman so she cannot give birth?

Munir Akash: Not just the women. Men too.

Interviewer: Even the men.

Munir Akash: Yes. Even worse is what Obama’s scientific advisor is planning. This scientific advisor – I think his name is Holdren or Herendren – wrote a 1,017-page book on this subject. He wrote it when he was advisor to Carter… Sorry, Clinton. He is currently the top scientific advisor. They even call him the Czar of Science. He holds the top three scientific positions in the U.S. This man has a plan to sterilize not just the women of 13 countries, but the women of the entire world. You feel as if you are in a Hollywood science fiction film. For example, he wants to plant a chip under the skin of men and women, in order to control their fertility.  [Emphasis added.]


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