Bottom Stories of the Week

It’s a tough competition for the craziest story of the week, but the NFL player who is quitting because he read Noam Chomsky has to rank near the top.  No, this isn’t The Onion.  Talk about a concussive head injury:

Moffitt majored in sociology at Wisconsin and said his world view was really shaped over the last couple of years when he began studying the writings of the Dalai Lama and Noam Chomsky.

Now that he’s out from behind the NFL shield, Moffitt said he’s looking forward to speaking his mind on the radio and in podcasts he’s going to produce. He said he has plenty of opinions to share on everything from philosophy to politics, although he has less to say about sports.

And I’m sure everyone can’t wait to hear those thoughts.

Meanwhile, ranking near the bottom is what is unquestionably the highest and best use of David Attenborough ever–narrating the famous Miley Cyrus VMA Award performance.


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