Calling Steve Hayward (with Steve Update/Mea Culpa)

Steve, Steve! It is Saturday evening, the Sun is down and The Week In Pictures has not yet appeared. Was the past week not immortalized by any graphic images? Were there no editorial cartoons skewering the Democrats, or email-propagated memes, or Star Wars-related jokes that I don’t get, or shots of scantily clad women with guns? Steve, Steve–many thousands of readers are hooked on The Week In Pictures. They need their fix! (As do I.) We trust you have been assiduously collecting pictures for the last seven days and now are on a transcontinental flight, so that you won’t be able to post them until you land. Right? Right? Your readers are waiting!

UPDATE from Steve: I know, I know.  I’ve been traveling all day since crack of dawn, with an extra helping of TSA hell on top of everything else involved in modern air travel. Alas, no airborne internet on either of my two flights today.  But the roundup is ready, and will be up soon.  But had to pour an adult beverage and get the grill up and running first.  Stand by for pics!


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