The CMA show tonight was great fun. It started with “Obamacare By Morning,” as Scott noted a little while ago. (And, by the way, if you don’t know George Strait’s Amarillo By Morning you are missing out, here it is.) Throughout the show, various wags tweeted under the hashtag #obamacountrysongs. Lots of them were pretty funny. Here are some samples that barely scratch the surface:

* I Walk the Lie
* Coward of the Country
* I Used To Be a Coal Miner’s Daughter, But Daddy’s Unemployed
* Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Democrats
* Thank Allah I’m a Commie Boy
* Benghazi’s Never On My Mind
* Jarrett Take the Wheel (That’s IowaHawk)
* He Stopped Having Health Coverage Today
* I’m a Rhinestone Golfer
* I Love This Par
* Here’s Seventeen Trillion Dollars, Call Someone Who Cares
* MSM: Are You Going to Kiss Up To Me, Or Not?
* Don’t Take Your Guns To Town (Or Anywhere Else)
* Man, I Throw Like A Woman
* I Wanna Talk About Me (Actual song name, no change needed)
* Scammed By Your Plan (Heh.)
* Patches (to the Web Site) (You have to be of a certain age to appreciate this one)
* God Damn the USA
* I Never Promised That In the Rose Garden
* Take This Constitution and Shove It
* All My Taxes Are In Excess
* You Picked a Fine Time To Leave Me, Blue Cross/Blue Shield

From one of my daughters: * We Are Never Ever Getting Out of Debt

And, finally: * (Hey, Won’t You Play) Another George Bush Done Somebody Wrong Song

And if those titles don’t sound vaguely familiar, you need to start listening to country music!


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