Merry Christmas, With Pajama Girl and a Poll

Merry Christmas to our Christian readers, and to those of any faith or none who are enjoying this near-universal holiday. I took this photo last night, after church and before dinner, and posted it on Instagram, my current obsession. (You can follow me, if so inclined, at johnhinderaker. Easy to remember.)


Checking my Instagram feed later in the evening, I came across this photo, posted by Taylor Swift with the caption: “Matching Christmas onesies is a thing that’s happening right now.”


The guy in the photo is Taylor’s brother; I know because one of my daughters told me so. But here’s the question: can the red plaid onesies possibly be a coincidence? I see three alternatives: 1) Miss Swift really is the only person in the USA who doesn’t know that plaid onesies, paired with hot chocolate and nerd glasses, have been mercilessly mocked by millions for the past week. Argument for this interpretation: She has written many songs, not one of which contains even a hint as to any political leanings, suggesting she has none. She is immensely rich and does indeed live in a bubble. 2) Miss Swift is slyly joining in the mockery. Argument for this interpretation: How can she not know? Everyone knows. 3) On the contrary, she is subtly sticking up for Obamacare by assuring her legions of fans that plaid onesies are cool after all. Argument for this interpretation: Swift reportedly looked pained and disapproving when hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley mocked Obamacare at the Country Music Awards.

I have no idea which answer is correct, so the only way to solve the riddle is with a poll. If you have an opinion, go ahead and express it:

That’s all for now. Time to open some Christmas presents!


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