The Mid-Week in Pictures: SoTU Edition

I’m on the road the middle of this week, which means airplanes that still don’t have in-flight internet.  Guess I have to switch to John’s carrier.  Anyway, the least I can do is disgorge some of the good photos and memes piling up in my in-box, since I posted last week’s roundup a day early, also because of travel. Cheers!

Biden Joker copy

Incme Inequality copy

Grandma Svel Readt copy

Keep Your Turkey Head copy

Prius Obama copy

Keystone Thoughts copy

Welcome to NY copy

Keynesian Economics2 copy

Democrat Communists copy

Socialists Live copy

Turtle Helmet copy

Drug Cartel copy

Psychic Fair copy

Bacon Soda copy

Florida Ice copy

Die Winter copy

AdHd Cure copy

And finally. . .

Hot 82 copy


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