Obamacare 2014: A Sign of Things to Come

Kudos to Ed Morrissey for picking this up. The scene is Mankato, in southern Minnesota. The event is an agricultural forum. The participants are Democrats Amy Klobuchar, Collin Peterson and Tim Walz. Peterson, the ranking member on the House Agriculture Committee, was there to answer questions about the farm bill. But the audience, which looks large, wanted to talk about Obamacare. A local television station captured this priceless footage. Note how Peterson gets off the hook as one of the few Democrats who voted against the ACA:

KEYC – Mankato News, Weather, Sports –

The premise of the audience member’s question, as well as the audience’s response (not to mention Peterson’s) is that everyone knows Obamacare isn’t saving American families money, like it was supposed to. That’s just another broken promise. The Democrats can bob and weave all they want between now and November, but they can’t forever hide from the truth.


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