So, When Will Barack Obama Be Apologizing to Mitt Romney? [Updated]

In October 2012, at the height of the presidential campaign, Mitt Romney sensibly observed that Russia is “our number one geopolitical foe.” The Obama campaign immediately pounced, releasing this attack ad featuring the slow-witted Madeline Albright, which accused Romney of being an out of touch cold warrior:

Knowing what we know now, those smug comments can only provoke hollow laughter. One wonders: who did Obama think was our number one foe? England? Israel?

The Obama campaign also put out this very silly poster, which–perhaps prophetically–is in a Soviet style:


Barack Obama owes Mitt Romney an apology. Actually, it seems more and more as though the whole country owes Romney an apology.

UPDATE: On Twitter, people are documenting the cluelessness of liberals who thought it was a “gaffe” for Romney to notice that Russia is not our friend:

The Democrats really need to acknowledge how wrong they were about Russia, and about how dangerous the world is, in general.