The Hinderaker-Ward Experience, Episode 66: The Crazy Uke, With Meetup Invitation


Brian Ward and I recorded Episode 66 of HWX this afternoon, with special guest Andriy Karkos, known to many as the “Crazy Uke.” He isn’t actually crazy, but he is a Ukrainian-American with lots to say about events in Ukraine. Brian and I added our own commentary on the fecklessness of the Obama administration, and the West generally.

We also complained about the weather. We disagreed about climate alarmism; Brian thinks the Left is going to win on global warming, much as it has on gay marriage, whereas I think the crazies are already on the run.

We awarded the Loon of the Week trophy to the Majority Leader of the Senate, and This Week In Gatekeeping to a Michigan newspaper whose reporter dialed a wrong number and proceeded to interview what he took to be a Congressional candidate. It is another entertaining and enlightening episode.

And there’s more: we announced a Power Line/Fraters Libertas/Ricochet meet up for next Saturday, March 8, at 5:00 at Keegan’s Pub in downtown (sort of) Minneapolis. ALL PL readers are welcome, whether you are habitual HWX listeners or not. We are expecting special guests from the worlds of media and politics, too. And we will record our podcast starting at 6:00. So if you are within driving distance of the Twin Cities, please come and say hello to us and to lots of like-minded conservatives.

You can listen to the podcast by playing it right here, or you can go to Ricochet to download or subscribe to the podcast in various ways, or you can subscribe on iTunes or elsewhere. Or you can use Stitcher. There are many ways to experience the Hinderaker-Ward Experience, but I think the best is by subscribing on iTunes. That way, you never have to worry about missing an episode.


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