The Week in Pictures: Graduation Edition

With most colleges and universities observing graduation right around now, it is usually a sign that summer is right around the corner.  Will someone please tell the Climatistas?  There is snow in the forecast for the front range of the Rockies tomorrow and Monday, and I hear that Lake Superior is still one-third iced over.  If that doesn’t put a chill in the minds of most graduates, then surely the tax deductions in their first paystub will–if they can find jobs. Cheer up: there’s always your parents’ basement, and your old collection of comic books and superhero costumes to put on.  What else? Oh yeah—Monica is back in the news.  Sweet!

College Debt copy

Rice at Rutgers copy

Climate Disruption copy

No Warming copy

40 yr old bay copy

Koch Head copy

Koch Head 2 copy

Monica copy

Vasnity Fair copy

Fantasy Island copy

Pay More for Ocare copy

Groucho Marxism copy

Fish Eat copy

Meth Lab copy

Non Vaccination copy

Just in time for Mother's Day

Just in time for Mother’s Day

Cold War Reenactors copy

The Man copy

Astley Lent copy

Bling Umpires copy

Now THIS is one state fair I definitely want to attend.

Now THIS is one state fair I definitely want to attend.

And finally. . .

Hot 10 copy