Ms. Hillary says

NPR’s Terry Gross (“Fresh Air”) interrogated Ms. Hillary on air concerning her views on gay marriage (audio below). Has she always supported it? Has she ever suppressed her views in deference to public opinion? Would she say her view has “evolved”? (Answer: “I think I’m an American. I think we all have evolved…”)

Gross notes Ms. Hillary’s evasions and persists in her efforts to extract an answer. She even seems to get one, though not before Ms. Hillary works in a shot at those who “believe they have a direct line to the divine.” Ms. Hillary, of course, states her views with a flexibility suggesting her good nature and her modesty.

Just when I think Gross has extracted an answer, however, it seems to slip away. By the end I’m not so sure. Of this much I am sure: the woman can talk.

Daniel Halper has posted a transcript here, but don’t miss the audio.

UPDATE: Allahpundit takes an informative look at the interview here