The Bergdahl desertion

Fox News is doing an excellent job providing the former soldiers whom Bowe Bergdahl deserted on the front lines in Afghanistan a hearing for their testimony. Yesterday Megyn Kelly convened six members of Bergdahl’s platoon for a joint interview on her Kelly File show. The six members are Matt Vierkant, Cody Full, Gerald Sutton, Evan Buetow, Josh Cornelison, and Justin Gerleve. I think part 2 of the interview is to air tonight.

The former soldiers testifying against Bergdahl are so impressive they seem to have been sent from Army recruiting. In any event, the video is below. I found this to be compelling viewing and wanted to make sure interested readers had a chance to see it if they haven’t yet.

Breitbart has posted both interview segments that aired last night here. The video of the first segment that I have posted above is via Fox News [Insider].


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