The Week in Pictures: Run for the Border Edition

There’s a race on for the biggest political failure of the month, with stiff competition between the border chaos and Obama’s general failure and Hillary’s ongoing book fiasco.  But really, what’s with Obama and the guy with the horse’s head mask?  And did the dude get it at Hobby Lobby?  (And could they please put it in his bed next time, or will he suspect Michelle?)  Jimmy Carter’s attack rabbit must be laughing his tail off.  Ah, the gifts that keep on giving.

Run for the border edition copyObama Horse Head copy Obama Horse Head 2 copy Obama Horse head 3 copy

Obama Polls copy Obama Flashback copy

Perry copy

Obama Blinders copy

Obama Second Lady copy

Immigrant copy

Cover Obamas ass copy

No Bypass Power copy

How to annoy a liberal:

Hobby Lobby pic copy

Hillary Book Deal copy Broke-a-hontas copy

Tea Party2 copy

Hamas Atacks copy

Isreal no Big Deal copy

Peace of Me copy No Courage copy

Gun Toting Nuts copy

These will certainly harsh some liberal mellows:

Prius Driver copy EN AR A copy

Spinal Tape copy

White Meat Beef? copy Texas Food Groups copy Horton Hears Who copy

Boneless Bananas copy

Texting Bee copy

Don’t think there’s much risk here. . .

Temperance copy

Beer and Women copy

United Steaks of America:

United Steaks of America copy

By popular request:

Jayne 4 copy


Firefly Tardis copy

And if not that, then this:

Kirk Spock 2014 copy

And finally. . .

Hot 164 copy


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