Meet Elise Stefanik’s hypocritical opponent

Elise Stefanik is the Republican congressional candidate for the House in New York’s 21st congressional district. Stefanik is a “Power Line Pick.”

Her credentials are sterling. She served in the Bush White House as part of the president’s Domestic Policy Council Staff. Afterwards, Stefanik was Director of Communications for the Foreign Policy Initiative, which launched Defending Defense to fight against slashes in defense spending.

Stefanik was Policy Director for Governor Pawlenty’s Presidential campaign and assisted in Paul Ryan’s vice presidential campaign. Currently she works in sales, marketing and management for Premium Plywood Products, Inc., her family’s company in upstate New York.

The first member of her immediate family to attend college, Stefanik graduated with honors from Harvard, where she was only one of three recipients of the Women’s Leadership Award.

Stefanik’s opponent, Aaron Woolf, is a documentary film maker. His most famous movie is called “King Corn,” which attacked corn as the “building block of the fast food nation.”

But Woolf isn’t the adversary of “King Corn” and “fast food nation” he claims to be. The New York Post reports that his wife, Carolyn Sicher, owns $1 million in Coke stock and another $1.3 million in Kraft Foods holdings. Moreover, together Woolf and Sicher also own at least $400,000 worth of stock in McDonald’s — a company Woolf singled out for attack because of its fatty corn-fed burgers and high-fructose corn-syrup sodas.

As one commentator put says, it’s as if a leading member of Mothers Against Drunk Driving invested in breweries, distilleries and bars.

Woolf’s campaign had no comment on the disconnect between what Woolf says and what he does. As befits a liberal, the candidate seemed more worried about the impact on voters of his wealth than of his hypocrisy.

A campaign spokesman contended that the family’s wealth means it can stand up independently for the voters of New York’s 21st Congressional District. Independently, and utterly without integrity or principle.

You can help elect Stefanik and defeat the sanctimonious phony she’s running against by contributing here. I just did.


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