Glad tidings to you; come join the CALIPHATE

ISIS supporters brought “glad tidings” (as they put it) to shoppers on Oxford Street in London today. The “Khilafah [sic] has been re-established” and “the dawn of a new era has begun,” read their posters.

The bearers of glad tidings encouraged shoppers to “resettle” in the newly proclaimed Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

It could be a tough sell. The shopping is much better in London. On the other hand, there’s plenty of space in the new Islamic State. The territory under ISIS control is larger than Great Britain.

Actually, it is estimated that approximately 500 Brits have already joined ISIS. The fear is not so much that they will leave Britain for the “Islamic State,” but rather that they will return and commit acts of terror.

But ISIS also needs more “boots on the ground” in its vast new caliphate, given the possibility that local populations will rise up against ISIS once they experience its barbaric rule.

Meanwhile, Scotland Yard is fielding complaints from irate shoppers, including some by Muslims, and trying to determine whether the bearers of glad tidings have broken any laws.


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