Shooting With Ammo Grrrll!

Ammo Grrrll passed through town today, en route from her high school reunion in northern Minnesota back to her current home in the Southwest. She arrived in town heavily armed, with two friends–her best pals in high school–in tow. So of course, I volunteered to take them all shooting at my favorite range.

It was a lot of fun; it’s pretty much guaranteed to be if you blow up enough ammunition. Grrrll and I didn’t exactly have a competition, but as you can imagine, I was curious to find out whether Ammo G. is as good a shot as she suggests in her Thoughts from the Ammo Line.

In a word, she is. This is partly, I think, because she buys so much ammo. Grrrll tells me that she has 20,000 rounds of 9 mm ammunition at home. Which is about equal, if I caught the numbers right, to the number of rounds she has put through her SIG Sauer P229. Hey, practice makes perfect! Along with the P229 she brought a Walther 9 mm–I didn’t catch the model number–and a .45 caliber SIG 1911. She was pretty expert with all three. I brought my usual three pistols, and, of course, we shot each other’s guns. It was fun for me, in part because I had never actually shot a .45 before. I found the SIG 1911 surprisingly easy to control and to shoot accurately.

While we didn’t exactly have a competition, we did compare our results from time to time. We shot the groups below at 20 feet. I think I was using my Armalite AR-24, and Ammo G. her SIG P229, but I could be wrong about that. We fired a lot of rounds. Anyway, you can make your own judgment. Here is Ammo G.’s group:


And here is mine, shot just after:


I think I won that one, narrowly. Which of course is why you are seeing it here. Overall, I think Ammo G. shot a little better than me. But hey, who’s keeping track? Both of us are much more into the fun of shooting guns than the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. So I will just say: Ammo Grrrll is definitely for real.


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