The Week in Pictures: Quel Horreur! Edition

A few years back I got seated next to former Clinton consigliere Lanny Davis on a coast-to-coast plane flight.  It was . . . a very long flight.  I imagined the only worse possible fate would be having to sit next to James Carville for a cross-country flight.  But now I’ve heard something worse: John Kerry, our comic relief secretary of state, had to fly commercial earlier this week when his government-supplied plane broke down in Hawaii.  Can you imagine?  I hope the plane stocked extra Grey Poupon.  And I hope his magic hat didn’t get crushed in the overhead bin.  And offered refunds to the regular passengers.

ISIS copy Obama Golf copy Hillary Disses copy I'm With Stupid copy Hillary Meathead copy

Obama Sponsors copy Not My Fault copy

Inversions copy

Reagan Golf copy

Do Nothing Obama copy

Obama Makes Bush Look Good copy

Mayberry 2014 copy

War on Women copy

Liberal Whine Cellar copy

Dem Light Bulbs copy

'onion on Obamaare

Art History Climate copy

Minimum Wage Again copy

Roads copy

Objects in Mirror copy

Bacon Bomb copy

Liberte Beyonce copy

Post No Bills copy

Conspiracy on Steroids copy

Yeah, that would be my dream team, too.

Yeah, that would be my dream team, too.

Math Food Fight copy

50 Shades of Hay copy

Sink Fixed copy



And finally. . .

Hot 163 copy


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