The Week in Pictures: Snarknado Edition

The thought struck me watching the awesomely awful Sharknado 2 on Wednesday: Do we have the Obama presidency all wrong?  Could this really be the Sharknado presidency—so awful it’s good?  (That would help explain Joe Biden, wouldn’t it?)  He’s certainly accomplished one of his objectives—diminishing U.S. influence in the world.  Wonder if he’d like to have some of that back just now?  More likely he thinks his Sharknado performance is Jaws 2.  Anyway, we’ve got a heavy pop culture lineup today, with an extra helping of TrekStar Wars mashups.  Enjoy.

Here’s one person who is not afraid of Sharknado:

Putin Sharknado copy Putin Sharknado 2 copy Sharkalanche copy

Obama v Netanyahu copy Kerry Idiot copy

Charlie Brown Hamas copy Obama Dodo copy Impeach copy

Gaza v Israel copy

Headline of the week (just wait till the makers of Sharknado hear about this):

Ny Post hed copy

PFJ T-Shirt copy

Tea Prty Occupy copy

Chicken and Egg copy

Terrorists Waiting copy

Nature Hike copy

Immigrant Demand copy

Old Mobile Phone copy

Hippei not Hippo copy

Home Depot copy

King Kong Star Wars copy Superman Star Wars copy Star Ttek Scoobie copy

Dawn Wells Apes copy

Gilligan Star Trek copy

Spielberg ed Shirts copy

Best Buy Droids copy

'I'd like to buy Falcon please. . . a Millennium Falcon. . .with all the extras."

‘I’d like to buy Falcon please. . . a Millennium Falcon. . .with all the extras.”

Han Solo 3 copy

Bounty Hunter copyFor our armed guys segment, I’m going to go with Browncoats as long as I can:

Jayne and MAal copyAnd finally (in honor of the IDF again):

IDF Girls 3 copy IDF Hot 1 copy


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