Please Give! Please! We’re Begging You!

Today is the last day of the quarter, the final FEC deadline before November’s election. So every candidate on both sides of the aisle is bombarding potential donors with emails. I have gotten several hundred today, from both Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats are following their invariable playbook: pessimism bordering on the suicidal, until–miracle of miracles!–it turns out that they have out-raised the Republicans by $40 or $50 million, again. Which, of course, they knew would happen all along.

Today I got emails from the Democratic Party with these subject lines, among many others:

Terrible News (JUST NOW) [from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] [from Nancy Pelosi]

no time. just read.

BEGGING [from James Carville]


Final Notice [DCCC]

[TRIPLE-MATCH] **Do Not Delete*

just talked to the team (bad news) [from my close personal friend Nancy Pelosi]


John, we’ve tried everything

I’m sorry, John [Nancy again]


FW: D-I-R-E [Pryor for Senate]

I’m pleading (again) [Nancy (again)]

Hey [from Barack Obama, reprising the most successful email subject line of the 2012 campaign]

There were many more, but that gives you the flavor. If you didn’t know better–and most Democrats don’t–you would think the Democrats were eking out small donations and the Republicans were rolling in cash.

Republican emails don’t beg. That’s one thing in their favor. Also, they occasionally mention an actual issue, as opposed to the Koch brothers. Mostly, though, they just ask for money. I got 100 or 200 emails from Republican candidates today, but my favorite came from the fetching Elise Stefanik, one of our Picks. The genius of the email is that it comes from elise (personal). Plus, it incorporates Obama’s trademark “Hey.” How personal can you get?

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 8.34.09 PM

Miss Stefanik is indeed a worthy candidate; we encourage you to go here to make a contribution. Beyond that, all I can say is: wake me when it’s over!